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KKD Marine, Kakinada
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KKD Marine is a new company started January 2016 in Kakinada (KKD) to service the project requirements of existing and new projects in KG Basin, INDIA. We will supply, repair and service all your marine and offshore consumables and equipment requirements for projects in KG Basin region. We are a new set-up and our USP will be a competitive pricing and localised service. Our focus is only on marine and oil and gas projects in KG Basin. We will use our resources to help expedite deliveries of critical materials required to enable early completion of tasks in large projects. A key account team takes care of each key customer to ensure the complete cycle of enquiries to deliveries and payments is all taken care of in a seamless manner. Mails are responded promptly and phone access is available 24/7. with our 4000 sft office and warehouse in Kakinada and a dedicated logistics team, materials will be shipped across india from Kakinada and Visakhapatnam.

Helping you expedite Marine, Oil & Gas projects in KG Basin, India

Our Supply Range

KKD Marine will supply the complete range of consumables, equipment and services required for a large project in and around Kakinada. From abrasives, iron and steel, welding equipment to manpower, we will try and become an one-point source for all your needs. We can provide re-certification services, equipment overhauls and repairs, welding services, fabrication, and any other requirements you have with project based associates with domain expertise in their respective fields. 
For instance, fabrication we have a tie-up with a vendor in Mumbai who does fabrication for several large offshore projects and oil and gas customers. For NDT and Welding we have a tie-up with a vendor in Visakhapatnam. For load testing, we have an associate in Kakinada and Mumbai.

Why us ?

KKD Marine is started by a team of people that assisted Helix Energy Services with consumables and equipment supply for the KG-D6 Project that involved installation of 11 suction piles, 28 umbilical, 10 structures, 6 manifolds, 10 trees & 56 rigid jumpers off the Kakinada coast. Materials over worth $1 million was supplied In one year sourced from several countries and a dozen locations in india. We also worked the HPCL SPM Project with Leighton Contractors and Heerema on GSPC project. we understand how important deadlines are in a large project. We will assign a team of people to provide dedicated services round the clock stationed in Kakinada and Project Site. We will use our expertise to get things done sooner at competitive prices and meeting quality requirements.

Our Product and Service Portfolio

LSA/FFA Testing and Repairs

We can do testing, repairing and certification of lifting appliances, life saving & fire fighting appliances, testing & certification of anchors & anchor cables, etc

Paints and Marine Chemicals
We can source and supply Akzo Nobel, Jotun, Hempel, Sigma etc in marine paints and all Drew and Unitor Chemicals as required.

Rubber Products and Hoses
Whether you need large quantity of rubber sheets in butyl, neoprene or any other composition or hoses of any kind - air, hydraulic, water, etc we can supply all of these.

Industrial Gases
We can supply all industrial gases required for the project. Please contact us for filling, rentals or new cylinders.

NDT Materials and Manpower
Whether you need MPI, DP, Radiography equipments and consumables or manpower for these, we can provide you the complete range.

Navigation Charts and IMO Signs
We can provide all kinds of navigational items including lights, spares, charts, etc A complete range of visual identification products including pipe markers, symbols, etc can be supplied.

Spill Management Products
With large projects and vessel operations sometimes accidental spills can happen. We can supply all spill management and control products including booms, pads, pillows, containment trays, etc

Tools and Hardware
When you need heavy duty tools for offshore use - hand tools, pneumatic, hydraulic tools, etc or any kind of hardware for marine and offshore use, contact us for a quote.

General Consumables
No matter you are looking for trash bags, adhesives, tapes, abrasives, welding consumables, fittings, pipe markers, etc contact us for a quote

Subsea Lubrication Products
When you need specialised lubricants for underwater use, contact us for a quote. We can supply Bridon, Aquashield, TS Moly, Cameron, Mystik etc from stocks maintained by associate companies.

PPE and Workplace Safety Items
KKD Marine can provide all PPE and Workplace Safety Items within few hours of order. We have dedicated suppliers stocking the products in Vizag and Kakinada. Major products include Hard Hats, Coveralls, Gloves, Eyewear, respirator Protection, Hearing Protection, Rigger Boots, etc.

Explosion Proof Lighting Solutions
KKD Marine can supply explosion proof lighting solutions confined space entry, washdowns, temporary power distribution and lighting, general maintenance, hazardous locations, etc from Bayco Nightstick, Crouse Hinds, Raytec, Eneltec, Wolf, etc

Special Valves and Marine Fittings
We source and supply special valves those are not available locally from US, Europe and Asia. Brands include Demco, Econosto, Z-Tide, etc. Third party certification available

Wire Rope Slings
KKD Marine can provide wire rope slings right upto 250 tons for the toughest jobs offshore. Our slings are done in association with Sealinkers, using Usha Martin wire ropes.

Crosby Rigging Hardware
The Crosby Group is a manufacturer of the finest lifting and material handling products in the world. Crosby ® products such as Crosby hooks, Crosby swivels, Crosby shackles are industry standard.

Rigging Re-certification
We can provide re-certification services for rigging materials and load testing in Kakinada. Please send an email to sales@kkdmarine.co.in for a no obligation quote.

PSC Hands-Free Products
PSC has the most exhaustive range of products that helps minimise/eliminate hand injuries in the workplace. The focus is on the offshore and onshore drilling rigs and oil and gas industry where a huge amount of lifts are performed. It’s a very challenging environment due to rig movements, confined areas, wind effects, etc. KKD stock's Impact Protection Gloves ‐ KONG™, Mechanix®, HexArmor®, Ringers, Superior Gloves, MCR; hands‐off tools PSC Fingersaver, PSC Shove‐it, PSC Alpenco, PSC LoadGuider and PSC SafeGuider Taglines, PSC Lift Assist Aids, PSC LoadGuider Hands-Off Push/Pull Tools and more.  

PSC Dropped Objects Prevention
KKD can offer the complete range of Dropped Objects Prevention products from PSC. This includes Tool Tethers from Ergodyne, Dropsafe Safety Nets, Stopdrop Tools and more. 

PSC Visual Safety Identification Range
KKD offers products that help improve workplace safety with visual means - signages, lockout tagouts, inspection tags, etc fall into this category. 

PSC Electrical Safety Range
KKD offers products that help improve safety while working on the electrical side. Products include Salisbury rescue sticks, insulating gloves, arc flash suits, etc

PSC Confined Spaces & Gas Detection Range
KKD offers safety products for working in confined spaces including intrinsically safe lights, transformers, splitters, gas detectors, escape masks and hoods, H2S and CO Gas Detectors, etc

PSC Miscellaneous Safety Range
Apart from above range, KKD also offers the complete PSC range of PPE and Workplace Safety Products not covered here including welding protection range, EX Range of Luminaires, Protrusion Safety Products, Hose Safety Products including Whipchecks and Hose Lifters, Rigging Safety Products like Snubby, Morse Drum Handling Products, Scotgrip Anti-skid Products, DBI Sala Harness and Lanyards, Billy Pugh Vests, etc.

PSC Painting Aids Range
KKD offers the complete range of PSC Painting Aids Range including rust converters, descalers, paint brushes, rollers, refills, abrasives, cleaners and degreasers for surface preparation and Graco Spray equipment Range.

PSC Lubrication Range
KKD offers Fittings & Hose Systems, Grease Feeders & Precision Metering Pumps, Grease Guns, Greases, Lubricant Pumps, Lubricants & Penetrants, Lubricator Accessories, Oilers, Reservoirs & Sprayers, Oils, Replacement Parts, Storage & Dispensing Systems

Drilling Rig Spares and Equipments
  • Desanders, Desilters, Shale Shakers, Degassers, Mud Agitators & Parts (Brandt, Derrick, Harrisburg, Swaco, Sweco, Etc)
  • Butterfly Valves & Gate Valves & Parts (Demco, Crestex, Baker Spd,Shalimar, Etc)
  • Rig Lighting And Electrical & Parts (Rig-A-Lite, Nrl, Appleton, T & B, Allen Bradley Etc)
  • Kelly cocks, Kelly valves, Inside Bops & Parts (Omsco, Smfi, Smith, Global, Packard)
  • Rig Safety Systems (H2s Etc), (Msa, Detcon Etc)
  • Rotary Hoses, Vibratory Hoses, Choke & Kill Hoses (Taurus, Good all, Nrp, Coflexip, Gates, Dayco Etc)
  • Drilling Line (Wire Rope), Bridon Uk, WireCo USA
  • Mud Pumps & Parts (National, Oil well, Gardner-Denver, Ideco, Continental Emsco, Harrisburg, Mission Etc)
  • Draw works & Parts (National, Oil well, Continental Emsco, renold uk, india, china, Etc)
  • Hooks & Swivels & Parts (National, Oil well, Continental Emsco, Bj Varco Etc)
  • Handling Tools & Parts (Bj Varco, Wooley Etc)
  • SCR Systems & Parts (Rosshill, Ge, Ips)
  • Gate Valves & Parts (Cameron, Shaffer, Oteco Etc)

Now a PSC Group Company

With over $10 billion of Subsea Installation Projects lined up in KG Basin, PSC has acquired KKD Marine to have a dedicated focus on the projects in KG Basin. While PSC will continue with its focus on lubrication, sealing and oilfield safety, KKD Marine will provide dedicated support to subsea, umbilicals, risers and flowlines contractors in KG basin in sourcing products and providing services to help them expedite project completions. We have a vast experience in handling supplies to large projects and have in the past worked with Helix, Leighton, Heerema and McDermott International.